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2 Hour House

The 2HH Approach for Success

What does building a house have to do with your business? EVERYTHING!  

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Great communication is a collaborative process with clearly defined and expected goals. A group’s success fundamentally depends upon how its individual members work together. Individuals work more effectively and enjoy their work more when they have genuine personal relationships with their colleagues.

Yet, until 2HH, the problem with most communications programs has been the “groupthink” approach ─ teaching theoretical tricks and techniques that will help others “hear” what you are saying. Just like the comedian with a joke that needs to be explained to the audience, a manager that is constantly bothered with the minutia of a particular project has failed to communicate effectively.

After seeing the 2 Hour House being built in Texas, program founder and Amazon #1 bestselling author Jose Feliciano recognized the core principals of his success in practice, and realized that without effective communications nothing worthwhile is possible. That without effective communications there is no teamwork, no attainable goals, and no sustainable vision.

The 2Hour House approach uses practical and powerful principles designed to create real change in whatever you apply them to. It teaches that by sometimes breaking rules we are all capable of achieving our goals and breaking records. With innovation, creative thinking, and break-thru strategies, the 2HH celebrates a shift in the global mindset and demonstrates that, by refusing to accept our perceived business and personal limitations, there is no end to our potential. By challenging ourselves daily to liberate our “entrapped mind” -- which tells us dreams cannot come true, we are all destined for remarkable and unprecedented growth.

We invite you to take advantage of the free content available on our site, and feel free to call or email us with any questions you might have .

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Watch a few examples of these principles put into practice

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